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The house is beautiful. I received her letter the other day. Why don't you stop now? I would like mine rare. Do you want me to drive you home? She majored in history. I'd like to kiss you. She didn't have any money, so she couldn't go with me. It's too loud. When did you finish the work?
Biblia Reina Valera: - He likes coffee without sugar.
- Ann what do you want to do tonight?
- The captain ordered his men to gather at once.
- I have come to the end of my patience.
- In which department is Latha working?
- I asked him if he knew her address.
- Where are my glasses?
- We traveled in South America.
- I think it's time for me to accept responsibility for that problem.
- You should tell the truth.
What do you call this animal in Japanese? Wow, that's a nice story. I'll do everything I can. Sure, what's up? I don�t' feel like watching T.V. I went there last year. If you want, I can give you some information I have about the city. Would you please let go of my arm? Be quiet for a moment. I think it's time for me to wash this shirt. Did you see that sign back there? I think this is a one way street.

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